Our Team

Ahmet Ilhan
Project Manager

Ahmet studied computer science at University and has found a home as part of a software development team ever since. Starting as a junior developer (digital tea guy), he worked his way up to senior and now manager. Aspiring to the great Socrates in the sense of knowing he knows nothing, except when it comes to sci-fi and video games. He loves to roam the great outdoors with his family.

Ugur Can Sendur
Back End Developer

Ugur studied Software Engineering at University and then went straight into working as a software developer although he secretly wanted to be a doctor. Over the years he has worked on a wide variety of software projects in the banking and technology sectors and had the opportunity to use many different software tools. He highlights his strengths as server-side development and team leadership. Besides writing code, he loves camping and getting out into nature.

Mesut Uçar
Technical Lead

Mesut completed his degree in Computer Science at University. He has over a decade experience as a Software Engineer. Mesut is language independent, solution-oriented and skilled in several development methodologies, tools and programming languages. Besides fixing code, he loves to fix anything from cars to refrigerators. He is very fond of spending time with his family especially if they need something fixed.

Mehmet Akyildiz
Back End Developer

Mehmet is a veteran fintech operator.  Before Ecospend he spent several years building financial applications at an international fintech company. He has worked on a wide variety of projects across the spectrum of financial technology. He studied software engineering at University. Describing himself as motivated, hard-working and organised he spends his time off enjoying hiking in the countryside and swimming.

Burak Akkas
Mobile Developer

Burak is a trained computer engineer and passionate software developer. When he is not drumming like Mike Portnoy or playing video games you can find him developing mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms as well as server-side development. He is an avid comic fan especially when it comes to anything Thor related. He is a fast learner and has spent recent years engrossed in development projects that have given him an edge beyond his years.

Berk Akkerman
Mobile Developer

Berk studied Computer Engineering at University. Initially he worked as a back end and web application developer. Recently, he has taken more to native mobile development projects. He has a passion for discovering interesting mobile platforms. When not programming, you can find him watching cult film classics such as The Matrix or playing MOBA style games like Dota 2.

Esma Ordulu
Mobile Developer

Esma studied Computer Engineering. After a brief period working on back end and web application projects, she realised her ambition to develop mobile applications and now Esma is part of the Android development team at Ecospend. She would describe herself as calm and a good learner. In her spare time, she loves scuba diving, camping or just simply being in the countryside.

Oytun Uskan
Senior Back End Developer

Oytun studied Physics at University. A specialist in banking applications, Oytun has spent the last twelve years as a software engineer and four as a team leader. Fully conversant in all .Net technologies and languages he brings a wealth of experience to the team. Outside of work Oytun has been a keen guitar player for the last twenty years and plays guitar in heavy metal band The Outcast. He would give up coding to be just like his idol and fellow heavy metal enthusiast…..Justin Bieber.