Open Banking services to suit your needs.
Come with us, as we help to unleash the power of Open Banking.

Payments Services

The adzuki API Gateway will allow you initiate payments – quickly, cheaply & securely.

Data Services

The adzuki data services will ensure that you get a better understanding of your customers – helping to drive your business to new heights.

The adzuki App

And take your service to the next level by offering your customers the adzuki app so that they can check and analyse data from all their financial service providers – in one place and in real-time, via their mobile phones.


If your organisation shares any of these ambitions, then you will love the adzuki payments service...
Lowering transaction costs
Receiving sale proceeds instantly
Helping customers to complete their online purchases faster
Reducing the payment error rate
Lowering the number of chargebacks
Protecting against fraudulent payments
Abiding by your duty of care obligations
Your organization will enjoy significant benefits from using the adzuki payments service…
Heightened security of payments, with strong authentication & authorization
Lower transaction costs & fees, in comparison to payments by credit card
Instant receipt of payments
Fewer chargebacks and any associated fees
Reduced payment fraud
Fast time to market – your organisation can be onboard with the adzuki payments service in just a few days


If you share any of these ambitions, then adzuki's data services will be absolutely ideal for your organisation...
Enhancing raw data to provide actionable insights
Accessing that data, in real-time
Reducing the cost of that data
Predicting customer needs and wants
Providing customers with value-added services to help them better manage their finances
Streamlining the new product application process for customers
Offering personalised pricing to customers at the point of sale
Minimising reputational risk through full GDPR compliance
Come on board and your organisation will enjoy significant benefits from using the adzuki data service…
Use just one API to access data from right across the financial services industry, in real-time 
Much improved quality & depth of data, compared with the sort of inference-based data that is provided by search engines and social media platforms
Lower data costs
Better customer experience throughout the product application process
Reduced costs in the processing of product requests, such as for loans and real estate transactions
Increased revenues arising from better product suggestions at the point of sale
Heightened security 
Enhanced duty of care with affordability checks, such as for loan applications and gambling service requests
Reduced reputational risk with full GDPR compliance
Rapid implementation - you will be able to start using the adzuki data services in just a few days


If your organisation wants to do any of these things, then go ahead and provide the adzuki app to your customers - under your own name...
To get your customers involved in Open Banking, with all the benefits that will bring to them
To improve customer service
To leapfrog your competitors
Just look at all the benefits that your customers will enjoy with the adzuki app...
Being able to see all their financial data - in one place and in real-time
Doing their own financial planning and analysis of spending patterns
Being shown financial products that might suit their needs
Identifying product switching opportunities, such as for loans and ISAs
Managing consent for financial service providers to access their data, with immediate effect

We've got GDPR sorted for you and your customers

We are GDPR compliant, with your customers being able to see exactly which financial service providers have access to their data - plus the ability to proactively manage that consent, in real-time.

You will be in safe hands with us!

Since 2018, we have been certified by the FCA as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and as a Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP).
We are also PSD2 compliant - employing eIDAS certificates for all data exchange between banks and adzuki.


Security is our top priority, with payments being subject to strong authentication & authorisation.


Our pricing model is flexible to clients' needs.


We are highly respected for the support that we offer to new and existing clients.


We are GDPR compliant and we prioritize our customers’ privacy.


We are PSD2 compliant with our eIDAS certificates.


Ecospend is certified by the FCA (Reference number: 829713) as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and a Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP).

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